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Water Proof Masters is one of the most experienced and respected Water Proofing company.

Waterproofing is one of the most crucial aspects of building construction. If you want the building to last longer and deliver value for your investment, the importance of professional replica watches waterproofing shouldn’t be ignored.Water Proof Masters Waterproofing is the number 1 in comprehensive waterproofing companies in Lebanon for commercial and residential projects.

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Midev Solutions is one of the most experienced and respected building.

  • Waterproofing Contractors
  • Waterproofing applicators
  • Epdm waterproofing
  • PVC waterproofing
  • Hdpe liners
  • Hdpe waterproofing for lakes
  • Basement waterproofing
  • Grp lining
  • Pile head treatment

Our Services

Combo Roof

Combo Roof system is a comprehensive system comprising of waterproofing, thermal insulation and finishing for the roof. Dubai Central Laboratory (DCL) Certified PU Foam system which forms the joint free waterproofing and thermal insulation is fully bonded to the roof slab. This system provides a manufacturer’s Guarantee of 25 years against any leakage. The uniqueness of this system is that the manufacturer and the applicator are the same.


The optimum solution for any external wall thermal insulation is a seamless thermal insulation system – EIFS which has been applied for many years. The name EIFS stands for External Insulation Finishing System. Within EIFS, a thermal insulation material such as EPS-boards or Rockwool is fixed to the outside wall with a special fake watches adhesive mortar, then the surface is reinforced with a glass fiber mesh and finally coated with a decorative plaster.

Metal Roof

Majority of the industrial sheds and warehouses have GI sheet roofing. These roof sheets are fixed with J bolts and nuts. Over a period of time, these joints get rusted and the holes get widened. These widened holes result in leakage of water. Also, the joints of these sheets are very much prone to water leakage. Even if any sealants are used with the bolts, these will come off in a short time. ROOF CARE provides a full proof solution for this problem.

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